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• Practical “how to” information in every training book. training2-300px

• Step-by-step guidelines for each subject. 

• Clear and concise explanations. 

• Easy to read and comprehend.

• Most of the business manuals include basic flowcharts and comprehensive checklists.

• Our Business Training Manuals are used extensively by all levels of government, large companies, business, industry and professional organisations, small businesses, educational institutions, and private sector trainers. 

All the authors have many years of “hands on” experience.Distributed throughout Australia and to 24 countries since 1986 

All our Business Manuals are based on extensive research and end-user testing. 

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Staff Training Manuals

Practical, proven “how to” methods, easy-to-read and apply concise step-by-step guidelines for training. Ideal basis for development of successful training programs, workbooks, and other training material. These business training manuals have been written by consultants with over 30 years experience working with the private enterprise sector and all levels of government. These comprehensive training manuals have assisted independent consultants and training providers across Australia and in many countries

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