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Small business management and your career can be improved by learning extra skills. Small business can learn how to upgrade staff skills using the methods of large corporations; tried and tested methods.
By improving your management skills you will enhance your business’s financial security and profitability
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‘How to Become a Successful Consultant in Your Own Field’

I purchased this book back in 1996, and it was the single best investment we have ever made. It has remained on my desk well thumbed for over fifteen years! It not only provided a template for our consultancy services, it raised issues of which we were completely unaware, provided numerous ideas to enhance the revenue of our company, one of which eventually became a core business in itself, exceeding our consultancy work. The book is comprehensive, enormously practical and covers every possible problem and opportunity that I can think of. We have a number of books on consultancy practice, but none even come close to Rob Tonge’s publication. In brief if you think you can become a Consultant without reading this book you are ‘dreaming’

Trevor Watkin, Managing Director
Product Research Pty Ltd
August 2012