Digital Editions

Kindle, iPad, Android, Kobo and Nook readers.

e reader

Progressively e-training manuals will become available in digital editions as well as our original Adobe .pdf format.
You will receive a zip file containing the original .pdf version, a mobi file, an epub file, plus supplementary .pdf files to print forms where needed.

Not sure which format you need?

Kindle Reader: use mobi files and prc files
iPad: download Kindle app – use mobi files and prc files or
download Nook App – use epub files
Kobo Reader: use epub files
Nook Reader: use epub files
Android Devices (tablets etc.): download free Kindle app – use mobi files and prc files

and of course all readers will read a .pdf but they don’t flow easily on most e-readers.

Need help to upload digital edition to your e-reader?
Email us with details of your e-reader and any issues you may have.