How You Manage Staff

Organisations often struggle to manage staff or even attract the right people. The answer lies is becoming an ’employee of choice’. Many employment websites allow past and present employees to rate organisations, poor ratings will make it difficult to attract the best applicants.

So what’s the answer? Well, managing your staff starts with ‘Job Descriptions‘. Your employees will better understand their role within your organisation. This, in turn, leads to fewer unhappy staff and unfair dismissal claims. Staff are more motivated when they understand their role. And how their role relates to other team members and the management structure. But it doesn’t stop there, well-crafted job descriptions allow you to write better employment advertisements, therefore allows you to interview better. Staff selection is more successful when you know precisely what the role needs in detail. A proper job description provides that. Allows you to manage your staff with clarity.

How to Develop and Write Job Descriptions

Having said that, it’s not easy to create quality Job Descriptions. Which is why we have produced an eBook that teaches you how to develop Job Descriptions.

While there may be more academic ways to develop and write job descriptions. The approach detailed in this manual will result in practical, realistic and accountable documents. That can be clearly understood by everyone from senior management to the shop floor. 55 page Manual. just $29.95.

Job Description

This manual will provide a practical three-stage approach:

  • Conducting a job analysis
  • Developing a job description
  • Developing a job (person) specification.