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If you want to lead a group of people and be a better manager, don’t belittle or trash your group. If you do you won’t have a group to lead. A person leading a bunch of idiots doesn’t need to be very bright, but a person leading a group of clever, reliable, skilled people will be assumed to be even brighter than them. Talk your people up not down, it enhances your status, but you’ll need to be a leader as well.

This most vital of management skills – leadership does not come easy, good managers have to work very hard. And that’s not to say long hours, it’s about the effort and the self-discipline, it’s part of the reason 80% of management restructures fail. To realise staff potential you need to represent them, make it about ‘us’ rather than ‘me’. Test your leadership attitude, if you find it hard to think in terms of  ‘we’ then you’re probably not a natural leader.

A good starting point to learn how to be a better leader is to study our eBook How to Conduct a Productive Brainstorming Session. If you learn to interact with your team as suggested in this book it will lay the foundations for a productive relationship with your people. Guiding them not bullying, listening to them not dictating to them. This will be a major improvement to your personal management skills.