Training in the 21st Century

To remain competitive, companies need to offer training and career-focused education throughout people’s working lives. Low and high-skilled workers alike for the best chance of success. But the practicalities are daunting for a start what training? There are numerous companies offering specific training: LinkedIn Learning, Amazon, Pluralsight, plus several Universities. Before you spend large amounts of money on specific training, what training is needed by your staff? How do you assess what training is required in your organisation and for which people? Our Training Needs Analysis eBook guides you step by step through the analysis process.

Are Robots stealing your job?

It’s a common idea that robots will soon steal our jobs, even though there is little or no evidence to support the notion. The Luddite weavers in 1811 thought weaving machines were going to cause mass unemployment, the advent of the tractor has reduced agricultural employment to reduce by 95% since  1910; yet employment participation remains stable.

Employment 1890 to 2016 -David Autor


Jobs are lost due to automation within an industry but are made up for by jobs in new areas. Education is our defence against robots, no one can predict what the new jobs of the future will be, remaining flexible in our abilities will allow us to take up the new jobs in the future.

Economist David Autor discusses this issues in depth in a recent TED talk